1. 12 Piledriver

From the recording Cryptobiotic Dirtbags

Pile Driver 
Boris McCutcheon - vocals, acoustic guitar
Steve Mayone - electric guitar, tenor banjo, mandolin, bass, lap steel, vocals
Jeff Berlin - drums
This song was called into existence one morning after seeing a large jack rabbit dead on the road in front of the Dixon library on my way to work. It's atrocious how much roadkill you see driving around New Mexico. Here's my answer to people who drive like shit other than strapping a bazooka to my hood. SLOW THE "F" DOWN WORLD!


Old jack rabbit wise and free flat as a pancake by the library
I know how the ravens stay plump and alive
All you can eat Pitbulls on 285
Everybody's driving like shit
Especially New Mexicans
Everybody's driving like shit
Driving to hell as fast as they can
He was in a big rush coming over the pass
Suddenly there was an elk sitting in his lap
He hit the thing so hard
Its contents shot across the road
Landed in the thicket steaming in the cold
Everybody's driving like shit
Blind corners and bad attitudes
Everybody's driving like shit sooner or later we all gonna lose
Everybody everybody everybody's driving like
Everybody everybody everybody's driving like,
Everybody everybody everybody's driving like shite, like shite
I was talking to my cousins they said they wouldn't vote
I said, "That's a copout and this is not a joke."
If you really want to see this shit hit the fan
Vote for Bernie he's your man
Everybody's thinking like shit
And this nation has taken a dump
Everybody's driving like shit
That's how we wound up as President Trump
I'm flying down the highway to tuck you in for the night
Surfing the stations of the Christian right
Why can't we stand up and think for ourselves
Why are we driving on a highway to Hell?
Everybody's driving like shit and this world keeps getting hotter
Everybody's driving like shit
One thing for certain we're not getting smarter
Most of us are trying to make a little cash
Shave off a little time we drive a little fast
History will know us as the selfish ones
Mowing down the wild things with a hit and run
Everybody's driving like shit I feel like a rock in a river of fools
Everybody's driving like shit
Don't flip them off they might shoot you
Everybody everybody everybody's driving like
Everybody everybody everybody's driving like
Everybody everybody everybody's driving like
Reckless zombies looking for food!
Everybody's driving like shit!