1. 11 Funny Farm

From the recording Cryptobiotic Dirtbags

Funny Farm
Boris McCutcheon - vocals, acoustic guitar
Steve Mayone - electric guitar, organ, bass, accordion, vocals 
Jeff Berlin - drums, percussion, special effects

Here is a darker song. There is a tradition in the west of searching for something better for ourselves and our families, a safe place to heal, ride out the storm and make ourselves better people, tolerate others and be tolerated.”Live and let be” It doesn’t always go as planned. Sanity can get dodgy and justifying our own needs and perspective can get messy.
Let’s face it, sometimes it feels like little towns and villages especially in the west can be crazy places and seem like their own private asylums. In these funny farms disguised as towns there can be all sorts of wackos good and bad. I’m probably one of them. In these oasis the patients are allowed to walk around the grounds and interact. Just go to a public board meeting of any kind and you’ll start to see it. What role do we play? Doctor? Patient? Strong arm?